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The history of Kyokushinkai is mostly the history of its founder's life - Masutatsu Oyama. He was born on 27 th July, 1927 in Tokyo. Two years later his parents sent him to their sister to Manjuria. As a pupil in Korea he started to study chinese kempo and later on in 1936 he got a black belt in this discipline. The Study in Yamanashi Aviation School in Japan is mutually continued with Karate training sessions under the eye of Funakoshi. As 17-year-old Student of Takushoku University he won the 2 Dan in Karate. In 1946 Oyama started his studies on Sport and Phisical Culture Faculty of Waseda University. Soon he decided to visit E. Yoshikawa and S. Chaki two famous writers, to intensify his knowledge about old samurai customs. He set out to Minhou to prepare himself to the first postwar Japan Karate Championships.
 The tournament took place in Kioto in 1947 where Oyama won and became a Japanese Champion. One year later he finally decided to devote his life to karate and started his solitary 18-month-long training up in the mountains to bring his technique to perfection and finally shape his conception of karate. After his return, as the first Karate master, he decided to fight with the bull to find the limit of human possibilities. Kyokushin - the extreme of truth - this is the name he found for left for the USA, where for eleven months, he popularized his Karate by confrontation with the representstives of other martial art disciplines." New York Times " called him " God's hand ". In 1954 first Oyama's Dojo was opened with the instructors such as K. Mizushima and E. Yasuda. The very same master, starting with Okinawa, travells across South-Eastern Asia studing a lot of different styles of fight.

On the 1st october, 1963 Oyama founded Internetional Kyokushinkai Organization with the Central Dojo Honbu in Tokyo. One year later it was officially acknowledged in the world and E. Sato ( the former Japanese Prime Minister and Nobel prize winner ) received the title of Kaicho ( the president ) while M. Oyama became Kancho ( the manager ) of Kyokushinkai-kan.  

Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of kyokushinkai, was the owner of the highest degree of initiation- 10 dan. He is the author of fundamental publications on Karate, but first of all, unique practitioner of martial art.